Welcome to the Elinor her app

Feeling guilty after indulging in a chocolate bar or a few pints with the mates? The free Elinor her app means you can now enjoy treats guilt free. 

The Elinor her app is a simple goal setting and swim logging app that helps you burn off calories, or get a little fitter at a pace that suits you. No complicated training plans, just swim your way towards greater wellbeing and a fitter, trimmer you.

Burn off a takeaway, that sneaky dessert, a few glasses of wine, or a fried breakfast; the choice is yours. Set the calorie burn goal you want to reach and Elinor her acts as your silver bullet for indulgent moments.

If you want to get a little fitter choose a distance challenge. You can set a range of swimming goals from the length of a football pitch (100m) to a full-half marathon (21km). There is something for all level of swimming ability.

You don’t even have to know the length of the pool you are using. The app’s internal Pool Finder allows you to choose the pool you are swimming in. It will set the length automatically.

Elinor her app features

  • NEW: Download and register for the app to access great swimming related offers and discounts as a Elinor her Member. Learn more at here.
  • Access a running tally of the distance you cover or calories you burn over a week, a month, and year.
  • Set calorie burn goals, distance goals, or simply Elinor her and log swims as you go.
  • Keep a personal diary as you swim to remind you of your progress over time, or how you feel.
  • A Pool Finder to help you locate your nearest pool, where ever you are in the UK
  • Access to Calorie Cruncher to compare swimming’s calorie burn with running, cycling, and walking.
  • In-app access to all the great content on the Elinor her website.

General Contact and Support

  1. For support please email our support desk at [email protected].
  2. If you are a member of the media seeking to know more about the app please email Alison Clowes, Head of Media and Public Affairs.
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